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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Aug 31, 2018

Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines is a Veterinarian with a Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition, who is currently working as the Staff Ruminant Nutritionist for Organic Valley. She has researched neonatal immunity and colostrum supplementation in dairy calves and has also performed research on improving the fatty acid profile of milk through nutrition.

Combining the knowledge from her experience with ruminants and her technical training and research, Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines provides grazing insights and key information on maximizing dairy production by managing all aspects of cow health.

On this episode of the podcast, Silvia and I talk about

  • The roles of key trace minerals in plant health and performance
  • The science behind immunity with nutrition
  • How the lack of key mineral access leads to plants being largely comprised of nitrogen
  • Animal behavior and the feeding sequence
  • How farmers can change what ruminants graze for by what they are fed prior to letting them out to pasture


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The Farm as EcoSystem by Jerry Brunetti

Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature by Charles Walters

Management-Intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish

The Albrecht Papers

The Art and Science of Grazing by Sarah Flack

Soil, Grass, and Cancer by André Voisin  



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