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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Jul 27, 2018

Sarah Singla is a farmer, agronomist, and educator from Southern France. Her family farm has been in no-till production since 1980. When she took the reigns in 2010 she additionally pursued a wonderfully complex diversified cover-cropping, mixed species, multi-income-stream approach that is highly thought-out, yet fluid.

Sarah has visited growers the world over in direct communication about their production systems. Her experience is broad, yet she consistently finds the most successful producers reducing erosion, increasing soil microbiology and working with nature. She has since become a champion of regenerative agriculture.

In this episode, you will find particularly useful information on cover/crop/animal/bee systems in grain-based production. Sarah expands on her compelling vision for the regenerative future in agriculture with multiple examples and options to fit any farm.

We discuss:

  • How learning and education for farmers is linked to farm profitability
  • Goal-based thinking in agriculture - what it is and how it works better than following any one methodology such as organic, no-till, sustainable, etc.
  • Techniques for preventing erosion
  • Techniques for reducing fuel consumption of tractors and equipment
  • Improving degraded soils
  • Fertilizer reduction


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Dirt, The Erosion of Civilizations, by David Montgomery


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