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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Nov 2, 2018

Gabe Brown is a clear, collected, and inspired voice for regenerative agriculture, having implemented and seen great changes on his family's ranch in North Dakota over time. In fact, Gabe’s A-Horizon (topsoil) is 27 in, and the soils on surrounding farms only have 4-6 in of topsoil!

Gabe is the author of the recently published and highly-acclaimed book, Dirt To Soil, from Chelsea Green. I highly recommend reading this truly inspiring and informative book.

Speaking and teaching about the practical steps for soil regeneration and farm profitability for more than 15 years, Gabe is also a partner with Soil Health Consultants LLC, an all-star group of ag thinkers and doers engaged in challenging the status-quo of agriculture.

In this episode Gabe and I speak about:

  • The time when Dr. Norman put a 4 ft long probe into the ground and the soil would collapse with only 2 ft in the probe because of tremendous pore space.
  • The reception of his book and the increased adoption of regenerative agriculture he’s observed.
  • How to drive wholesale change in agriculture: the role of producers (most), consumers (a lot), processors (plenty) and government (not much!).
  • His desire to educate consumers regarding their role as potential Regenerative Ag advocates who leverage their food purchasing power.
  • The need for growers to focus on photosynthesis, carbon cycling, and support of  biological systems.
  • The relative value of soil testing, which test is most valuable, and what to measure.
  • The idea that Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are abundant enough in soils and the atmosphere to supply all NPK needed for crop and livestock production, and can be made available through cover cropping and biological cycling.
  • Dr. Norman's research on Gabe’s farm documenting soils with up to 70% pore space.
  • The real potential to increase nutrient density, environmental conditions, and farm livelihood in the near-term.
  • And the one thing he wishes every farmer in the country would do.

This is Gabe's second time on the show and I am pleased to welcome him back. Listen to Gabe's and my previous episode, which received great feedback, here.

Hope you Enjoy!



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This episode was Directed by Geoffrey Shively and Nathan Harman, Edited by Nathan Harman, Produced by Nathan Harman, Jenna Sodano, Robin Kitowski, and Anna Kempf.