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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

Ben Taylor-Davies is a farmer and regenerative agriculture consultant from the United Kingdom. Ben was a conventional agronomist until his wife persuaded him to apply for an award through the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust which enables farmers to travel and learn agricultural methods from around the globe. This ignited Ben’s passion for regenerative agriculture and discovering better ways to treat soils, crops, and livestock. Ben currently shares his stories, both personal and professional, on his website He is also currently finalizing his first book, “MORE-ON: How to get off the UK agriculture’s treadmill of input farming.”

Throughout their conversation, Ben and John discuss:

  • How the Nuffield scholarship program allowed Ben to broaden his views on successful ways to farm from around the globe.
  • The current management practices being implemented on Ben’s 500-acre farm in the UK and how these practices have evolved over the years.
  • Ben’s “three free things” (sunlight/energy, precipitation, and carbon dioxide) and why they should be priority number one for all growers.
  • Perspectives on carbon dioxide delivery and how farmers can improve their CO2 supply.
  • The vast diversity of soil types and climates found within the UK.
  • The UK’s current mainstream agricultural methods and financial shortcomings of managing an ecosystem through high input costs.
  • John and Ben discuss their recommended reading lists for growers.

Check out Ben’s website at!

For more information on his latest book, go to