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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

Alvin Peachey is an Amish organic dairy farmer from central Pennsylvania. Over the course of more than a decade, Alvin has grown his operation to 90 100% grass-fed cows on 92 acres, implementing regenerative practices that flips the script of the status quo for dairy farmers.

In this thought provoking and practical conversation, Alvin and John discuss:

  • Alvin’s background as a dairy farmer starting with only 25 cows and 10 replacements.
  •  The difference between rotational grazing and management-intensive grazing.
  • How Alvin tracks and manages his cost of production and how his economic models diverge from the mainstream.
  • Unique approaches to creating balanced and diverse nutritional profiles, not just in grazable forages, but also in stored winter feeds.
  • Important considerations for maximizing sugars and proteins in baleage. 
  • The genetic and structural qualities Alvin looks for in dairy cows.
  • Alvin’s thoughts and observations on the financial future of dairy farming.

“For the crop production acres, we have no budget on fertilizer… because we have unlimited potential, so why would we have a budget? Right?” -Alvin Peachey