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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

May 4, 2021

Jason Hobson is one of the initial Regenerative Agriculture Consultants at AEA, working alongside John Kempf in the early years and becoming the Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Jason joined AEA in 2011 and quickly became the lead consultant for larger scale operations, building relationships with distributors and other partners along the way. He gained his knowledge of soil fertility and plant nutrition through hands-on experience, developing a passion for agronomy and regenerative practices that fuels him today.

Throughout their conversation, Jason and John discuss:

  • How one Wendell Berry book would change Jason’s career path forever.
  • AEA’s approach to nutrient and crop management, how it differed from conventional wisdom.
  • Highlights from the last decade of working together: organizational victories and new agronomic discoveries.
  • Jason’s thoughts on the “layering of silver bullet solutions” and how farms can degrade in search of a cure.
  • Common themes among growers and organizations that have seen success while working with AEA.
  • The fallacy of nitrogen and other limiting factors for healthy crops.