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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

John Fagan is the Chairman & Chief Scientist at the Health Research Institute, also known as HRI Labs, in Fairfield, Iowa. HRI provides testing services that focus on the nutritional value and biofunctionality of food sources. HRI’s research and collaboration efforts continue to help grow the global regenerative agriculture movement in myriad ways.

Throughout their discussion, Fagan and John discuss:

  • The scope of Fagan’s work at the Health Research Institute.
  •  How chromatography, mass spectrometry, and other analytical tools allow Fagan to identify plant and animal compounds.
  • Fagan’s research in comparing conventional vs organic production methods and his key takeaways.
  • The diversity and variability of plant compounds and their potential for innovation in the world of agriculture.
  • Fagan’s tentatively named “Farmer Led Innovation Network” and how it is combining cutting-edge science and data collection.  
  • How evidence of glyphosate presents across different crop types, agricultural products, and soil profiles.
  • The evolution of glyphosate detection and what science can tell us about glyphosate levels in our food.

Check out the glyphosate research mentioned by Fagan here: