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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Rick Clark is a fifth-generation farmer from Warren County, Indiana. Driven by a desire to work alongside mother nature, Rick has been implementing regenerative practices on his farm for almost a decade. Rick’s commitment to soil health has allowed him to grow his operation to 7000 organic, no-till acres, in part by employing a variety of cover cropping and weed control techniques.

In their conversation, Rick and John Kempf discuss:

  • Rick’s journey to a fully organic operation
  • Conventional agriculture’s “dependency on chemistry” and the best practices for conventional burn down
  •  Rick’s humbling experiences experimenting with cover crops in the early days
  • How planting multiple cash crops together could be the future of agriculture
  •  Handling foxtail and other difficult weeds through regenerative practices  
  • The power of diversity and rotation in a no-tillage system
  • Rick’s take on farm economics and how he  is saving almost $1.7 million a year in inputs